Sharing the Tradition

Stephen Robichaux has worked hard to master crawfish & shrimp boils for the past 15 years. His father is from Thibodaux, Louisiana and he attended his first crawfish boil before he was a year old. Today, he does everything exactly the same as his family did at his first crawfish boil more than 35 years ago. His love for Cajun culture and cuisine inspired him to start Cajun Boil Co. and bring an authentic Louisiana experience to the St. Louis area.

What we offer

We offer customized on site seafood boils. Whether it is a private function or a corporate event, no party is too big or too small. You tell us when, where, how many people, and what you would like in your boil. We bring the boil to you. Whether you are a crawfish novice or a head crushing, tail pinching expert, your mouth will be watering for more, more, more.

Our seafood

We find the highest quality live crawfish available and have it shipped here the day of your event. Crawfish season generally runs from January to July, with the peak of the season being February to early June. Shrimp are available year round. We are happy to accommodate all special requests or circumstances.

What's in it?

The Traditional Robichaux boil includes potatoes, garlic, corn, sausage, and mushrooms.   We also offer other options such as artichokes, pineapple, brussel sprouts, jalapenos and premium sausage.

What people are saying about us

We know it's delicious, people still tell us anyway.

Rich flavors, authentic aromas and the right amount of heat. Stephen does the best crawfish in St. Louis.

- Tim C.

We loved our first crawfish boil so much, we turned it into an annual event. We look forward to it each year. Stephen is very easy to work with and takes care of everything.

- Dave W.

Add the artichoke and pineapple, trust us!

- Lauren and Andrew B.

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